Online Survey Sees Many Britons Succumb to Buying Fake Fashion

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14th February 2013 15:17 - Retail


YouGov has conducted an online survey of more than 2,000 UK adults for luxury fashion resale site Vestiaire Collective to determine the attitudes of Britons towards counterfeit fashion.

Surprisingly, as many as 22% of the respondents admitted to knowingly having bought counterfeit fashion items, with a further 10% claiming they may have purchased fake merchandise but could not be certain.

The 25-34 age demographic were the most likely to knowingly buy counterfeit fashion, with 24% admitting to it. In contrast, over 55s were the least likely to find fakes tempting, with only 13% having bought something they knew was not the genuine article.

Meanwhile, just 34% of those who took part in the study reported being absolutely sure they had never bought fake fashion.

The most popular counterfeit items were found to be designer knockoff handbags, with 31% of surveyants owning up to knowingly purchasing them, followed by replica designer sunglasses and watches.

Finally, the most common reasons given for succumbing to buying counterfeit fashion included not wanting to pay designer prices and unwittingly purchasing fake products online, while 2% of the respondents claimed they seek to emulate the style of a celebrity or someone they admire.

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