Poll Demonstrates Customer Feedback is Key to Retailer Success

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8th November 2012 17:47 - Retail


Market research by Customer First Solutions has shown that the UK retail industry could save millions of pounds from lost custom if they gave their consumers the opportunity to provide feedback in-store.

The poll of 2,000 Britons found that over half of the respondents claimed they would be more likely to return to a shop even if they had received bad service as long as they were asked about their experience.

Furthermore, half of the surveyants who’ve expressed a negative comment online via social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter said they would be less likely to share their story online if they had the chance to raise their concerns with the retailer directly.

The study indicates that customers are keen to engage with retailers when given the opportunity, which could potentially have a strong impact on sales profits – Customer First Solutions confirmed these poll findings by recording a sharp rise in shoppers engaging with in-store feedback devices over the last three years.

Nevertheless, when the respondents were asked for reasons which would stop them reviewing a retailer’s customer service, over half said they would be put off by lengthy feedback questionnaires. This shows that while feedback opportunities are popular, businesses need to ‘keep it short and sweet’.

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