Poll Reveals Customer Satisfaction Ratings on UK Supermarket Giants

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20th February 2013 16:06 - Retail


The latest market research by comparison website Which? has uncovered the best and worst supermarkets as voted by 11,492 UK consumers.

Topping the list was Waitrose, with an overall satisfaction ranking of 82%, including scoring five-stars for its customer service and the quality of its fresh produce.

Discount supermarket Aldi came in second with a satisfaction rating of 74%, with rival Lidl a close third at 69%. They were also the only supermarkets to score four-stars for their pricing, with 97% of those polled agreeing they both offer good value for money.

Thereafter, Marks & Spencer scored 68%, followed by Morrisons (59%), Sainsbury's (58%) and Asda (53%).

Meanwhile, the supermarkets with the worst scores were the Co-operative with a satisfaction score of 48%, and Tesco ranked last in popularity with a rating of just 45% - the latter also received poor marks for its pricing, store environment, quality of fresh produce and customer service.

In terms of online rankings, Ocado received the best performer crown with a ranking of 81%, followed by Waitrose (74%), Sainsbury's (71%), Tesco (63%) and Asda (61%).

The poll also revealed the biggest irritation experienced by shoppers – not being able to easily compare prices because of different unit measurements.

Furthermore, the respondents were keen on supermarkets keeping special offers simple, with 55% preferring straightforward discount deals rather than offers such as petrol vouchers (16%) or buy-one-get-one-free deals (11%).

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