Relaunch of PlayStation game, Crash Bandicoot, saves further decline of retail sector

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6th July 2017 16:23 - Retail

Relaunch of PlayStation game, Crash Bandicoot, saves further decline of retail sector: Recent statistics have revealed that the launch of the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy, has aided the growth of the game retail sector, as boxed game sale figures upped 93%; totalling to 331,000.

Despite the game launching two days prior to the end of June, it has already stolen the top spot in July’s charts – out of a total of 40 other entertainment software. At second place is new entry, Micro Machines: World Series, and at third is, Grand Theft Auto V.Relaunch of PlayStation game, Crash Bandicoot, saves further decline of retail sector

Released on the 30th of June, the remastered version took a total of four years to make, with talks amongst fans guessing which conglomerate was going to take ownership of the 90’s game.

Nonetheless, Activision kept the rights to Crash Bandicoot and redeveloped the series to reunite the game with its original platform, PlayStation, and updated the graphics to support the gaming console’s technological advance; providing fans with a 4K experience.

To be as traditional as possible, the Crash Bandicoot series kept hold of its original titles: Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back and Warped, as well as the games’ storylines and characters; including a remastered version of the games' pervious voice-overs - originally recorded by Naughty Dog.

Additionally, according to consumer reviews, the game has received an average of four out of five stars, with positive comments on retaining the original storyline, as well as the interactivity; with the visuals and audio being as good as they promised. However, comments made by gamers have also been made about the lack of inventive content.  

According to The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment, the UK game industry was ranked as the sixth largest market in the world, with consumers spending a total of £4.33billion, in 2016. However, last year’s physical games market declined by £1.78billion, with consoles including the release of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, being the main contributor by 27%.

Although, with regards to the release of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane trilogy, the physical games market may increase; particularly in relation to boxed games and the possibility of PS4 consoles. 

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