Research Finds Canadian Shoppers Unwilling to Pay Retail Price

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11th July 2013 11:03 - Retail

RetailMeNot,  a Canadian digital coupon site, collaborated with Angus Reid Forum to conduct a market research study. The report highlights the public’s shopping habits, attitudes and behaviours on retail spending.

Nearly half (49%) of Canadian respondents believe that they should not be paying the full retail price, whilst just under half (47%) seek out discounts and coupons online or on their mobile devices.

Among the Canadian provinces Alberta ranks the highest with over half (56%) of respondents saying they look online or on their mobile devices for deals. Ontario is second with just over half (52%), British Columbia is third (50%) followed closely by Manitoba / Saskatchewan – still with over 2 in 5 (44%).

The study shows when it comes to non-essentials a half of Canadians (49%) are budgeting over $100 per month, a third (32%) of men spent over $200 on non-essentials compared with a quarter (24%) of women.

Over half (55%) of survey respondents said digital coupons are easy to search for whilst offering a lot of benefits including accessibility and convenience.

Josh Harding, Vice President of Global Operations for RetailMeNot, Inc. said:

“[this is] one of the reasons we expanded into the Canadian market [and that]… We are giving our new consumers the experience they are looking for with easy-to-find digital coupons that provide great value with little effort.”

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