Research from Waitrose unveils what we are consuming in 2014

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27th October 2014 16:11 - Retail

A new report from Waitrose has uncovered what shoppers are consuming in 2014.

Social media and technology is said to be influencing what people eat and drink and relating to this, more people are cooking their own food in the wake of TV’s Great British Bake Off.

The report also showed that breakfast products have seen a 10% increase in sales, as jam is now less favourable than honey.

Global cuisines are also more appealing to many as people are more 4 times more likely to buy a katsu curry kit than they are to buy popular dish, tikka masala.

The report also highlights that consumers of white wine are beginning to purchase more exotic wines such as Austrian Grüner Veltliner, opposed to popular safe option, Sauvignon Blanc.

Coffee liqueurs are now gaining popularity and finding their way into 15% more homes than in 2013.

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