Sales of Halloween products are predicted to reach £240 million this month

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27th October 2014 16:18 - Retail

A study conducted by Mintel has unveiled that Halloween 2014 is expected to beat 2013’s sales figures by £10 million.

The study highlighted that products and services for Halloween were bought by 43% of UK consumers, in 2013.

As well as this, it was suggested that young people were spending more willingly. The findings show that 58% of 16-24 year olds spent money on Halloween and 55% of those aged 25-34 did also.

Products or services bought by parents climbed to 60% and rose to 73% for those with children aged 6-12.

Goodies for trick-or-treaters were bought by just 28% of consumers. Fancy dress costumes were bought by 14%, decorations were bought by 10% and 9% bought food or beverages for their home especially for the occasion. It was also found that 8% attended a Halloween event such as a party.

The food and drink sector have been exploiting the occasion and selling seasonal products, with a mention of Halloween on them. The amount of companies employing this tactic has grown by 263% since 2009.

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