Scotland’s retail sales figures plummet in September

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27th October 2014 16:32 - Retail

Scottish retail sales have taken a fall by 2.9% in September which is the worst figures since 1999, when records began.

It was also found that monthly like-for-like sales figures dropped by 4.2%. This figure was uncovered by the Scottish Retail Consortium and KMPG.

The sales of non-food products decreased by 3.3% and food sales decreased by 2.4%. This is the first time that food sales have beaten non-food goods’ sales figures, claimed the SRC.

David McCorquodale, who is head of retail at KPMG, said: "I see this as more of a disappointment for retailers battling against circumstances rather than a trend.

“There's no denying that the continued decline in food sales is reflected in the challenges facing the grocery sector up and down the UK.”

He went on to claim that: “Fashion and footwear retailers suffered in the rest of the UK from warm weather but Scotland's worse performance was probably exaggerated by other distractions.

"The referendum is behind us and some uncertainties out of the way. The focus for the retail sector is now on the two months leading to Christmas. Weather will play its part but also the investment in omni-channel systems and carefully planned seasonal campaigns will determine the success of the coming weeks.”

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