Social Shopping Poll Finds Women Keeping Tight Lipped about Fashion Bargains

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27th July 2012 15:56 - Retail

A new poll by women’s fashion retailer, which looked into UK social shopping habits, has revealed that despite living in an 'age of interconnectivity', many women prefer to keep tight-lipped about where they find their fashion bargains online - for fear of friends stealing their style.

Despite the rise in popularity of ‘social shopping’ (the sharing of online buys and promotions through social networks) – nearly a third (31%) of British women keep their fashion secrets to themselves by refusing to tell friends and family about good deals.

Of these, 57% will deliberately keep quiet from tweeting or ‘liking’ a new fashion purchase on Facebook, while 44% won’t share a ‘hot’ web link - even when they are asked for recommendations.

The figures for why women are 'anti-social' when shopping is the fear of a friend or colleague buying the same dress or accessory at 63%, followed by the 'buzz' of savvily knowing something that other people don’t (27%).

A further one in 10 surveyants said they are wary of letting the cat out the bag on their favourite discount fashion sites as the increase in popularity could leads to price hikes.

Nevertheless, when it comes to large, commonly-known retail brands such as ASOS, New Look and Lipsy, women are more likely to spread the word.

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