Spending on Back to School Supplies Set to Increase in America, Study Shows

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28th July 2014 13:18 - Retail

According to research conducted by Proper Insights & Analytics, families in America will foot steeper bills this summer when shelling out for back to school supplies.

Parents with children in kindergarten to grade 12 schools are expected to spend $669.28 on apparel, shoes, supplies and electronics – five per cent more than last year’s average spend ($634.78).

Families with children in high school will be faced with the highest bills though, according to the study’s findings, with an average spend of $682.99 forecast per household. Students attending middle school or junior high will expend marginally less ($682.13), with elementary pupils expected to spend around $580 on back to school items.

However, although individual spending is forecast to increase, overall expenditure is set to drop due to there being fewer students in households this summer.

For high school and college children combined, spending is expected to reach $74.9 billion. Expenses for high school students alone ($26.5 billion) are calculated to contribute to approximately one third of this cumulative total.

Individual spending on electronic items is set to increase by seven per cent in 2014 ($213.35) compared to last year’s figure ($199.05). In total, $8.4 billion is expected to be spent on electronic goods.

2014’s figures for school supplies ($101.18), clothes ($231.30) and shoes ($124.46) all also rose from 2013’s average spending.

Furthermore, over half (54%) of the study’s respondents plan to do their back to school shop at a clothing store, with around one quarter (26%) intending to visit an electronic store. Around two fifths (44%) said they would shop at a discount store, with almost three fifths (59%) opting for their favourite department store. Other responses included: office supply stores (42%), online (38%) and drug stores (21%).

Less than one fifth (17%) said they planned on supporting local or small retailers during their back to school sprees.

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