Study Finds Apple Still Ranks Top in Paid Product Placement for Movies

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28th February 2011 15:10 - Retail

A new study by has demonstrated that the Apple continues its decade long dominance in box office films – it appeared in more blockbuster movies in 2010 than any other brand.

Apple’s products have been on display in more than a third of all number one films (112 of 334) at the US box office since 2001, a figure which is higher than the  McDonald’s and Nike brands combined.

The research found that Apple products such as the iPhone, iPod and Mac laptops have appeared in 10 of the 33 number one films at the US box office last year. This includes major hits like ‘The Social Network’, ‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘Tron:Legacy’.

Ford, Chevrolet and Nike were in second place with 24% for the most paid for placements in blockbuster films, while the Sony, Dell, Land Rover and Glock brands appeared in the least movies at 15%.

Apple’s promotional placements have however dropped compared to their peak in 2008, when their brand appeared in 50% of all the top US box office films.

The study follows the decision by Ofcom to allow paid product placement on UK television starting 28 February. 

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