Survey Finds Britons Keen to Pull a Sickie to Finish Christmas Shop

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12th December 2012 15:46 - Retail


A survey by has revealed that many time-poor Britons are gearing to call in a sick day at work to get their Christmas shopping done.

With the festive season soon to kick off, a million UK workers are prepared to phone in sick - one in seven Britons have admitted they would not be against pretending to be ill to give them enough time to finish buying gifts for their friends and family.

Of those pulling a sick day, one in three of the surveyants admitted the main reason was to avoid the crowds and long queues of December weekends in favour of quieter, less stressful weekday outings.

In addition, just over a third of the respondents claimed they would not be able to get their Christmas shopping finished in time if they left it to the weekends.

This was especially true of a fifth of Britons, since they admitted to not having even started buying presents yet.

The study further found that many workers who are planning to feign illness so they can get a day off for shopping won't even be leaving the house - just over a third want to be at home to wait for the arrival of Internet deliveries.

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