Survey Finds Retailers Split About 4K and Wearable Technology

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18th March 2014 12:27 - Retail

According to the annual PCR Retail Survey, a very slight majority of retailers and resellers (51%) wouldn’t consider stocking or repairing emerging technology.

4K technology (resolution) is a generic term for display devices or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels – 4x the resolution of full HD (1080p).

Wearable technology refers to clothing and accessories which incorporate computer and advanced electronic technologies enabling practical functions or features - a fantastic example of such technology, although still in development stages, would be the Google Glass.

Of those who said the technologies were not of interest, many state they are wary of offering products which may prove difficult to obtain parts for or repair. Others said that the technologies would require more time to mature and prove themselves.

Despite the split opinion regarding future technology, retailers are confident about their business in 2014. An overwhelming majority (87%) said that they are confident about the next 12 months, with almost the same number of firms (82%) expecting to still be selling stock in the next five years.

This confidence comes as a result of a recovery in traditional computing platforms, according to respondents. Almost a quarter (23%) recorded laptops as their best selling product in 2013, with 13% seeing their biggest sales in desktops. Both form factors had more popularity with consumers than tablets, which were only a best seller for a tenth of stores.

There was almost a dead even split amongst independent retailers when asked if they are selling more tablets now compared to twelve months ago, with half (52%) saying they were not. For those that are, the average increase in tablet sales was 104 per cent.

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