Survey Finds UK Has Highest Rates of Online Shopping in 17 Countries

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18th December 2011 16:27 - Retail

The latest market research by communications regulator Ofcom has discovered that Britons are increasingly using the Internet to obtain all manner of goods and services, including online TV.

Out of all the countries surveyed, including Germany, Japan, the US and China, the UK has seen the greatest increase in people who watch TV online every week compared to last year.

Ofcom further found that eight in ten UK Internet users reported that they had ordered goods or services online in 2010 – this figure is higher than any other European country.

Britons are also more likely to visit retail websites online than other countries, with nine in ten (89%) having done so this year alone.

In addition, UK consumers are believed to be more likely to access social networking using a mobile phone than other countries at 43%, compared to just 30% in the US.

The survey findings demonstrated that despite the weak economic global climate, communications revenues have increased across all 17 countries that were studied.

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