Survey Finds UK Retail Venues Losing Customers from Unfriendly Dog Policy

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22nd June 2012 12:50 - Retail

A European survey of more than 3,000 dog owners by the Cesar organisation has found Britain to be less dog friendly than Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

More than half of the UK dog owners surveyed at 52% agreed that Britain is less dog-friendly than Europe, and Britain was also discovered to beEurope's least accommodating country towards small dogs.

The study about European attitudes towards dogs was carried out to compliment the Paws in Places campaign which has recently been launched by Cesar. It aims to encourage dog owners to spend more quality time with their pets and to raise awareness of unnecessary closed door policies towards small dogs.

In total, only 6% of British retailers open their doors to small dogs, showing that dog-friendliness within retail and hospitality are considerably lower in the UK than in any other country.

Although the traditional English pub has always been the most welcoming to dogs, 73% of British dog owners say they do not feel welcome in pubs with pets, so they have to be left  in cars, outside or at home alone.

Even when it comes to cafe culture, only 7% of UK dog owners claim to feel welcome to bring their dog along when relaxing at coffee shops, compared with 26% of dog owners in Germany.

These findings are significant to retailers, since the consensus of most dog owners in Britain (there are over 7 million) is that they would frequent cafes, shops and other retail outlets more if their dogs were welcome.

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