Survey Finds Women Traumatised By Clothing Dilemmas

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22nd November 2013 15:30 - Retail

New research carried out by Sharps has revealed how much of the clothing in our wardrobe actually gets worn. The poll of 2,000 women found the average women admitted that a third (36%) of their clothes will never be worn again with the top three reasons they decide not to wear an item of clothing were due to item being too tight, inappropriate for the weather or too big. It was also discovered that almost half of those taking part in the research said that they plan what to wear for the day but then they cannot find the item in a cluttered wardrobe claiming it’s the wardrobe rather than the clothing that needs a makeover.

Furthermore 67% of women claim it is traumatic to try and find something to wear and often result to buying something new, with many saying if their party dress was seen by friends on Facebook, they wouldn’t wear that outfit again in the near future. 

Commenting on the findings, Rachel Hutchenson from Sharps said:

“All women are guilty of saying that they have nothing to wear, but for the average woman to deem over a third of her wardrobe as unsuitable seems excessive…it pays to have a good clear out every so often. Mornings will be far less stressful if your wardrobe is organised and all clothes have a designated place.'

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