Survey Results Indicate Retailers Should Target Men for Christmas Buying

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11th November 2011 18:00 - Retail

A survey by business analytics company SAS has shown that retailers should focus on the male demographic in the run-up to Christmas as it is men who will be doing much of the shopping while their female counterparts ready the home, organise decorations, wrap presents and prepare food.

The study has resulted in a report called How Britain Will Shop for Christmas 2011. It has found that more than 10.5 million turkeys will be bought by UK consumers this festive season, with more than five million turkeys bought in the last week of November and 56.5% of these purchased by men.

Commenting on the report, Maureen Hinton of Verdict said: “One of the most interesting things to come out of this report is who is doing the Christmas shopping. The data clearly shows that retailers ought to be actively targeting men, for whom Christmas is one of the big shopping windows. After a tough 2011 many retailers will be relying on Christmas to make a profit before being hit hard by a tough Q1 in 2012.”

The study also found that UK households will spend £86.5bn in the run up to Christmas, which is £1.2bn more than in Q4 last year, although the volume of purchases will be down by 0.7%.

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