Survey Suggests That Half Of Christmas Shopping Will Be Done At The Last Minute

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10th December 2013 15:11 - Retail

A survey undertaken at the East Midlands retail outlet McArthurGlen found that more than half (56%) of people leave Christmas shopping until the last minute. However, the survey also discovered that 16% had finished three months before the big day.

Women proved to be more organised than men, with two-thirds starting to collect gifts six weeks in advance as opposed to a fifth (20%) of men who said that they frantically panic buy on the 23rd or 24th.

Among shoppers a quarter admitted to buying themselves a gift when Christmas shopping. One in seven said they would only buy discounted presents which could explain why the same number claim to spend £100 or less in total on gifts.

Kenny Murray, Centre Manager at McArthurGlen said:

“Though many of us may leave it until the final days, Christmas shopping is a yearly activity to look forward to… Whether booking a day off work or sneakily calling in sick, it seems we all want to make the most of the event and there’s nothing like finding a gift you know someone will love – especially if you can get great savings.”

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