Survey finds Aldi’s Christmas ad is the most effective amongst mums

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13th November 2015 12:32 - Retail

According to a recent retail survey by Channel Mum, this year’s most effective Christmas advert is that of Aldi, with 33 per cent of mums saying that they want to shop at the budget store after watching it. Following Aldi as the most effective Christmas advertiser, 31 per cent said that they would visit Aldi after watching their advert.

Despite John Lewis ranking as Mums’ favourite seasonal advert, Channel Mum also discovered that 48 per cent of the respondents feel that the retailer spent too much on the advert (£7 million) and that the money should have been donated to charity.

Although 35 per cent of the mums who took part in the survey believe that the annual release of the John Lewis advert is the ‘official start of Christmas’, approximately 25 per cent believe that there is too much hype surrounding the advert which in turn, deters them from shopping there.

Aldi’s ‘Favourite Things’ advert was voted as the nation’s second favourite advert, closely following John Lewis, which was ranked in first place.

The advert by Aldi was also ranked the most effective advert, influencing the buying decisions of 33 per cent of families, closely followed by John Lewis at 31 per cent, Marks & Spencers with 25 per cent, Boots at 20 per cent and Asda at 18 per cent. Budget store, Lidl, also ranked well, with 18 per cent of mums willing to shop at the store after viewing the advert. As well as this, one in five mums voted it as the funniest Christmas advert of the year.

Discount retailers’ adverts were also found to be favoured by children this year, with Argos ranking as kid’s favourite Christmas advert (31 per cent), closely followed by 30 per cent for John Lewis, 10 per cent for Asda, 7 per cent for Aldi and 4 per cent for Lidl.

The recent study – which was conducted following the release of the final major festive advert from Sainsbury’s – discovered that 81 per cent of mothers admit to crying at the Christmas adverts.

The most frequently cited reasons for crying at the ads included: ‘the ads make me think of others not as lucky as our family at Christmas’ (48%), ‘the ads make me want to reach out to my friends and family’ (33%) and ‘because the ads remind me of the true meaning of Christmas’ (28%).

The respondents believed that there is a set formula for a successful Christmas ad, with 64 per cent wanting to see ‘families enjoying themselves’, followed by half (47 per cent) who need a ‘Christmas tree with lots of decorations’, 43 per cent who want a ‘cosy house with a roaring fire’, and two in five who insist on ‘familiar Christmas music’.

The mums in the survey were 40 per cent more likely to like an advert that doesn’t include a retailer or stores' product information, but instead one that gave them a ‘festive feeling’.

The survey findings also revealed that while television stands as the most popular place to first view the festive ads, one in three mums now re-watch their favourites on YouTube.

Of the young ‘millennial’ mums in the survey, 32 per cent discuss the Christmas adverts on social media, as opposed to 28 per cent of mums in general. A quarter of the ‘millennial’ mums (23 per cent) said that they share the adverts on social media, as opposed to compared to 17% of older mums, and one in ten even post the adverts on their own social media profiles (8 per cent).

To watch the Gogglebox-style ‘Vloggerbox’ video, which reveals mums’ reactions to this year’s festive ads, visit:

The nation’s favourite 2015 Christmas adverts

1)      John Lewis

2)      Aldi

3)      Lidl

4)      Asda

5)      M&S

6)      Boots

7)      Argos

8)      Debenhams

9)      Waitrose

10)    Sainsbury’s

11)    TK Maxx

12)    Morrisons

13)    Tesco

Most effective Christmas adverts for making families want to shop

1)      Aldi

2)      John Lewis

3)      M&S

4)      Boots

5)      Asda

6)      Lidl

7)      Waitrose

8)      Debenhams

9)      Argos

10)    Tesco

11)    Morrisons

12)    Sainsbury’s

13)    TK Maxx

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