Survey finds amount of heavy online shoppers is increasing

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9th October 2015 12:31 - Retail

A recent retail survey by Hermes has revealed that the amount of heavy online shoppers has doubled in the last two years, to a figure of three Survey finds amount of heavy online shoppers is increasingmillion.

A heavy online shopper is defined as someone who makes 11 or more online orders per quarter.

The 2015 Hermes International Parcel Deliveries Usage and Attitudes Survey also discovered that around 18.7 million individuals have shopped online three or more times in the last three months, an increase from 2013’s 13.5 million.

The survey of more than 3,000 shoppers, from both the UK and Germany, also discovered that more than 50 per cent of UK shoppers are purchasing goods online more than they did in 2014 and 35 per cent said they were intending to shop more online in the next 12 months.

In contrast, 49 per cent of the German’s in the survey said that they were shopping online more than they used to and a quarter said that they expected to shop online more in the next 12 months.

Around 72 per cent of shoppers in the UK said that they believed delivery services used by online retailers were getting better.

The findings also showed that 74 per cent would choose a two to three day delivery service, costing £2.99, for an item worth £75. Just 8 per cent said that they would pay £6.99 for next day delivery and a further 2 per cent said that they would pay £8.99 for same day delivery.

Of the respondents, more than 40 per cent said that they would expect the delivery of a £75 item to be free and more than 70 per cent said that they’d expect a free click and collect service.

Sales and Marketing Director of Hermes, Mark Pettit, said of the findings:  

“Delivery remains firmly at the heart of a good online shopping experience, acting as a key driver of loyalty and ultimately providing the opportunity to act as a key differentiator in the overall customer proposition.”

The survey also explored customers’ experiences of last year’s Black Friday. Of the shoppers in the survey, around one in three said that they had encountered problems such as access to websites, sold out items and technical glitches preventing their order being processed.

Just 11 per cent of the respondents said that they had not experienced a problem and a further 23 per cent had avoided shopping on Black Friday altogether.

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