Survey finds extended Sunday trading could mean small retailers lose out

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17th February 2016 17:33 - Retail

A recent retail survey has revealed that the general public largely supports the change to Sunday trading laws, however, they were found to be concerned about the effect it could have on smaller retailers and those working in the stores.Survey funds extended Sunday trading could mean small retailers lose out

The findings come on the back of the Government’s announcement that it will be going ahead with plans to permit councils to extend Sunday trading hours.

The survey findings revealed that 48 per cent of the respondents feel that the changes are either a very good or fairly good idea, in comparison to the 33 per cent who believe that it is either a bad or very bad idea.

Of the respondents, 58 per cent said that they would be worried that smaller retailers may lose out if larger stores were to stay open later, compared with 15 per cent who said that they were not concerned.

More than half (54 per cent) of store workers said that they believed that they would lose out, whereas 19 per cent said that they feel they won’t lose out.

48 per cent of the shop workers said that longer trading hours would negatively affect their family life.

Of the respondents, 21 per cent said that they would do more shopping on a Sunday if the trading laws were changed and 12 per cent said that they would choose to shop at a different time on a Sunday.

Approximately 2 in 5 (38 per cent) said that they would like supermarkets to be open for longer and a further 27 per cent said the same of shopping centres.

A spokesman said of the market research findings: “It’s clear that consumers do see the advantages of the proposed changes from a personal perspective, but are nervous about how workers and smaller shops will be impacted.”

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