Survey finds online shopping is to be defined by customer experience this year

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21st March 2016 16:09 - Retail

A recent market research project, commissioned by SLI systems, has revealed that the effort is to be dedicated to boosting sales through delivering the best possible e-commerce experience.Survey finds online shopping is to be defined by customer experience this year

The survey of retailers - which operate websites offering safe online shopping - also revealed that the second priority will be optimising websites and targeting those shopping on mobile, so that sites are easier to access from tablets and smartphones.

Nearly 50 per cent of the respondents in the survey said that they would also be improving their search engines on their website so that their visitors can easily find what they are looking for, instead of having to go to a competitor’s website after not being satisfied with their search. This then feeds into the notion that without a simple interface and reliable features, a website cannot retain its customers.

Of the respondents, 16 per cent said that they are intending to increase their efforts to simplify their websites, making them more adaptable to the needs of their customers. In recent months, it was found that retailers have been pursuing personalisation more intensely.

A spokesperson for the research, Shaun Ryan, claimed that it appears 2016 will be a year of putting customer experience first, with the aim to create websites which are seamless and not let down by ‘clunkiness’.

He also added that websites would be able to learn from mistakes in the past and amend the website to the expectations of its visitors, rather than adopting a one size fits all approach, with does not boast the benefits of bespoke and personalised e-commerce.

Getting first impressions right is the biggest challenge which retailers need to surpass in 2016, with the window in which online retailers can convert their audience to a website visitor being very small.

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