Survey finds retailers are recruiting more staff despite Brexit

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28th March 2017 13:26 - Retail

Survey finds retailers are recruiting more staff despite Brexit: According to the Retail Salary Survey 2017, conducted by retail recruitment specialist Quest Search and Selection, 45 per cent of retailers have reported headcount growth over the past 12 months compared to just 27 per cent who reported a fall.

Of those who said they are recruiting more staff, 77 per cent said that business growth is the main reason for requiring more personnel.

As well as continued growth in employment within the retail sector, the survey findings also suggest that the quality of jobs in the sector is also getting better.

Entitled The Retail Salary Survey, the report also revealed that 57 per cent of retail staff have been in their current role for less than two years, however, 61 per cent said that they were anticipating a pay rise in their next performance review.

Around 25 per cent of the participants said that they had received a pay review in the last six months and a further 39 per cent said that they have had one within the last 12 months.

Approximately 50 per cent of retail staff said that they have had a bonus during the last financial year, with 31 per cent of this proportion receiving between 10 and 19 per cent of their salary.

The survey findings also indicated that the amounts of annual leave days are the main attraction for retail employees applying for new jobs. 

Four out of five respondents stated that 25 or more days leave was the most desirable benefit, ahead of pensions and bonuses.

Wage rises were also low on the list of worries for the coming year for retailers, with just 13 per cent marking it as their key concern, compared to 51 per cent citing Brexit uncertainty as the key issue.

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