Survey reveals consumer opinions regarding customer service

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12th October 2017 18:01 - Retail

Survey reveals consumer opinions regarding customer service

Survey reveals consumer opinions regarding customer service: Conducted by ICLP, the survey asked 1,000 consumers how they perceive retailers’ customer relationship strategies.

In the survey, consumers were asked how they thought department stores, general retailers, supermarkets and fashion, treated their customers.

The respondents voted for which retailer they thought showed the most respect to their customers:

Department stores – 57%

General retailers – 46%

Supermarkets -  41%

Fashion Retailers - 44%


Respondents were also asked if they felt the following retailers treated them as individuals. Ranked similarly to the first question, the results were as followed:

Department stores - 49% 

Fashion retailers - 39%

Supermarkets - 33%


Maintaining good customer service has been known to be a main priority for most retailers, as it helps them gain credibility and thus, more profit. Yet, retail specialists have advised retailers to focus on building and maintaining relationships with both their existing and new customers, through the means of personalisation.

In most cases, retailers (particularly fashion retailers) are retaining customers’ contact details in order to market their products more efficiently. This is mainly done through sending vouchers to loyalty card holders, app notifications and emails; all of which feature exclusive offers, services and products personalised to the customers’ needs, as well as their likes and dislikes.  

In addition to the following questions, the survey also found that over half of the respondents (55%) believed that department stores use the customer’s personal information for the customer’s benefit. Following this figure, 44% believed general fashion retailers did the same, yet only 37% believed this to be true for supermarkets.

General manager at ICLP, Jason De Winne, commented on the survey’s results: “Retailers need to recognise the huge potential of the vast quantities of data that they already have, and ensure they are using it to deliver true relevant personalisation. Even a small amount of personalisation can give retailers the edge against their competitors.”

He adds: “Everyone now has the potential to offer more personalisation. From supermarkets to fashion, retailers need to segment their customers and deliver them the news, offers, and rewards that they want and listen to them through all relevant channels.”

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