Survey reveals top complaints of UK shoppers and what they want from shopping experiences

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23rd October 2019 16:56 - Retail

Survey reveals top complaints of UK shoppers and what they want from shopping experiences: A survey by Starcom, 'the human experience company', has highlighted the elements of shopping, both online and in-store that are the top bugbears of consumers.

The study questioned 2,000 Brits to inform its Future Tensions in Retail Report, which in addition to looking at respondents' dislikes, sought to find out what they want from their shopping experiences. 

Top complaints of respondents when shopping in-store included spaces that were too hot or too cold, a lack of in-store Wi-Fi, overpowering smells and the layout of a shop changin. Also top of the list of gripes was having to go to a different floor to get an item refunded.

Over half of in-store shoppers admitted to leaving a store before buying what they went in for due to feeling so 'fed-up', while almost a third said they have felt 'irritated' when clothes shopping at a physical store. In comparison, just 10% of online shoppers admitted to feeling irritated when buying clothes online. 

A sixth oof those polled admitted to feeling stressed or frustrated when shopping in store, particularly for clothes, and one in ten said they find the experience 'boring'. 

When it comes to the frustrations of online shopping, slow web pages, products looking different to what they did on screen and having to wait for refunds to be processed were the top complaints.

When asking shoppers what would attract them to shop in-store for their clothes, answers included instagram-worthy destinations, plants and attractive spaces to enjoy, with more than a third agreeing that shopping was an 'experience'. 

While queuing was a bugbear for many in-store shoppers (44% would like shops to improve in this area), a quarter said they would be interested in using an app which allowed them to serve themselves by scanning their items and skipping the queue. Similarly, 10% were open to using AI assistants. 

The survey also revealed that shoppers desire more environmentally sound packaging, with a fifth saying they take into consideration how ethically produced a product is before purchasing it. Indeed a quarter of those surveyed said they want to buy sustainable products and help the planet when it comes to shopping. 

Mark Howley, UK CEO of Starcom, said: “This research defines a cultural shift and insights into consumers for brands around the future of retail.

“Shopping should be an enjoyable experience with interactive areas to enhance this and we predict the way people shop will develop greatly over the next few years, as it already has done up until now."

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