Survey says retail brands need to refine their marketing channels

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15th September 2016 12:44 - Retail

Survey says retail brands need to refine their marketing channels: A new report by Omnico has revealed that the more marketing channels a retailer had, the more confused their customers were, suggesting that retailers need to fine-tune their channels.Survey says retail brands need to refine their marketing channels

Entitled the Omnico Retail Gap Barometer, Omnico explored the interactions that 1,200 customers exchanged with retailers on the channels that they possessed. The report revealed that the customer’s experience varied from channel-to-channel.

Of the respondents, 62 per cent of customers said that they had a smooth experience more than once when shopping in-store and online; however, this figure declined to 39 per cent when phone, apps and social media were added into the mix.

According to the research, many customers elect to go for touchpoints which are convenient and speedy, which means these are the channels that will be chosen to interact with a brand.

Perhaps surprisingly, when it comes to retail, the majority of consumers prefer the experience of shopping in-store, as opposed to online, with 42 per cent of consumers agreeing with this.

Just 9 per cent said that purchasing an item online and collecting their parcel at a third part location was their favourite method of buying.

Customers also indicated that retailers may need to market their stock and return to increase awareness, as approximately 50 per cent of the respondents said that the visibility of stock in-stores was very poor to average where the product is unavailable online. As well as this, 84 per cent of the consumers said that a free returns policy was either very important or essential to their decision to make a purchase.

Further to this, how items can be returned is also important, with 40 per cent of the respondents saying that they want to return products by any method, regardless of how they are purchased.

One in three said that they had a poor to average experience when they returned a product they bought online.

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