The average male buys Christmas presents for just three people, survey finds

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19th December 2014 15:27 - Retail

A survey commissioned by online beauty  retailer,, has found that the average man buys presents for just three people at Christmas. However, females purchase gifts for as many as sixteen people.

The survey found that women buy presents for their children, parents, grandparents, their partner’s parents, friends, colleagues and neighbours. However, the average male buys a gift for just his wife, dad and a secret Santa at work.

Although, not all men even buy their own secret Santa gifts, as one in twenty women admitted to buying their husband’s colleagues presents as well.

Of the 1000 men polled, 38 per cent admitted to only buying one present at Christmas time, as their other half will organise the rest.

The survey revealed that approximately one-third of women have to buy for family members on their partner’s side on top of the teachers of their children and their neighbours children.

Of the 1000 females surveyed, some two-thirds claimed that the gift they receive off their partner is the only present they do not have to buy.

The female respondents claimed that they have to arrange 85 per cent of presents for their families.

Whilst surveying where men buy their presents, the research found that men buy the majority of their presents from just one online retailer, with an average of just four days remaining before the 25th.

Similarly, 10 per cent of males claimed that they leave all their Christmas shopping until the last minute.

On the day itself, 68 per cent of men admitted to being just as surprised as the recipient when they open their gift, as they’ve had no input in their other half’s Christmas shopping.

Despite this, 66 per cent of the males who responded still take credit for the present.

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