The retail sector receives more complaints than any other, survey finds

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17th February 2017 17:02 - Retail

The retail sector receives more complaints than any other, survey finds: A recent survey has revealed that the retail sector has been crowned as the industry which gets the most amount of complaints by its customers. According to the survey findings, complaints in the retail sector accounted for 24 per cent of the 55 million total recorded complaints in 2016.The retail sector receives more complaints that any other, survey finds

Entitled the Consumer Action Monitor, the survey is a comprehensive study of a variety of industries and is carried out by the Ombudsman Services and revealed that the retail sector accounted for 24 per cent of complaints in 2016, which is an increase of 1 per cent since 2015’s figure of 23 per cent.

Following retail as the sectors which received the most complaints in 2016 were telecommunications with 13 per cent, and energy with 10 per cent.

The Ombudsman Services’ survey also revealed that 28 per cent of consumers had spent less money with a company, or took their custom to another brand, after encountering bad service. This costed the affected businesses a total of £37 billion.

Further to this, the 55 million complaints that were received last year represented an increase of 3 million since 2015. However, it was said that the total number of complaints which were made in 2016 is not necessarily attributable to customer satisfaction, with the survey revealing that 75 million other customer problems were ignored due to a lack of interest or disappointment with the brand.

When the respondents were asked why they did not complain about an issue that they had encountered, 28 per cent said that they did not file a complained as they could not be bothered and a further 19 per cent said that they did not think that businesses listened to customer feedback.

As well as this, a distinct lack of trust between customers and businesses are also deterring people from putting forward their complaint, with 34 per cent of the survey respondents believing that you can only get a good result from a complaint if you make a big fuss about the situation.

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