Two thirds of people admit to buying at least one item online using their mobile phone each month

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26th October 2021 08:48 - Retail

Two thirds of people admit to buying at least one item online using their mobile phone each month: A recent survey by Fashion United has revealed that 67% of UK, American and Australian citizens buy at least one item every month using their phone. Furthermore, 18% say they often purchase an item every week using their mobiles.

The study of around 3,000 adults from the UK, America and Australia also uncovered that 55% of participants find new products on social media each month; however only one in 10 say they purchased the item directly from their social media account. In addition, 41% stated they went directly to the retailer’s website, with 42% saying they would rather search for it on a marketplace.

When asked about their online spending habits in the last few years, 95% of all participants admit to making an online purchase since March 2020, with 30% seeing the benefits to online shopping. However, 36% of UK participants say they prefer in-person shopping, with 22% globally saying the same.

The poll also looked into people’s preferred payment method and how that affected where they chose to shop. It was found that 46% of UK respondents currently prefer to use digital wallets when shopping online; compared to just 38% in March 2020 and 35% globally.

In addition, 38% of UK respondents say they use digital wallets when in a store, with 23% of all participants saying the same thing. Furthermore, seven in 10 said they are more likely to shop somewhere that offers their preferred payment method.

When the survey asked about how much they spend online compared to in-store, seven in 10 UK respondents said they spend more online than they do in a shop; compared to 63% in America and Australia. However, 20% of UK participants said they spend about the same amount of money online and in person.

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