UK recognised as the country most fixated on Christmas

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21st December 2017 11:52 - Retail

UK recognised as the country most fixated on Christmas

UK recognised as the country most fixated on Christmas: For the fourth year running, search engine statistics from tech giant, Google, has revealed that the UK make the most Christmas-related searches than any other country.

Compared to those globally, the UK received the highest search score in Christmas-related topics, followed by Ireland, Slovakia, Italy, Czech Republic and the United States.

Ranked on a scale of 0-100, Google recorded the nation’s search results between June and December this year and found that the UK’s interest in the festive period has doubled over the last seven years between the months of September and October.

In November and December, Britain’s search results increased every year since 2010 and topped Ireland’s number of Christmas searches for the past four years.

According to Google’s statistics, the place that had the highest score for the number of searches in the UK was Keelby, Lincolnshire (100), followed by Rhos-on-Sea in North Wales (89), whereas Burnham, Kent received the lowest score (5).

Compared to those overseas, the UK’s Christmas-related searches were over a third higher than those in the US. However, consumer and retail analyst, Kate Hardcastle, believes that this is because the US have Thanksgiving as an extra celebration, as opposed to people in the UK who are more focussed on Christmas during this period of time.

Nonetheless, retailers have chosen to release their Christmas adverts earlier than usual, in hope to encourage consumers to spend after the Black Friday sale.

Supporting the theory, Kate Hardcastle adds:“The retailers have to push early with their Christmas messages because they know that they're not going to be able to get more spend out of some people.” There is also speculation around consumers using Christmas as a means of escapism, as she claims that life is really tough right now and emotionally, therefore, everyone is aiming towards a celebration."

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