Which! survey reveals best to worst supermarkets for recyclable packaging

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1st August 2018 12:05 - Retail

Which! survey reveals best to worst supermarkets for recyclable packaging: While no stranger to topping lists for offering good value, budget supermarket, Lidl has found itself bottom of the table for its use of unrecyclable plastic packaging - while Morrisons came out on top.
The survey, by consumer group, Which! looked at how much plastic is used by leading supermarkets for its own brand packaging and how much of that can be recycled. 
At a time where many leading retailers are looking at ways they can reduce their plastic footprint such as banning plastic drinking straws, the survey found that 29% of packaging used by supermarkets overall is not recyclable or difficult to recycle. 
For the study, Which! went shopping for 27 own-brand products from each of the 10 leading supermarkets. The packaging from those 27 items was then weighed and the results revealed that between 71% and 81% of the packaging in terms of its weight could be recycled. 
Morrisons topped the charts with 81% of its packaging widely recyclable and just 12% using non-recyclable materials. Asda was a close second, with 79% of their packing materials widely recyclable and 14% non- recyclable, followed by M&S (78% widely recyclable and 14% non-recyclable) and Tesco (77% widely recyclable and 18% non-recyclable). 
At the other end of the table, Lidl came bottom with 71% widely recycled and 22% non-recyclable materials, followed by Iceland (73% and 22%) and Ocado (74% and 18%).
In response to the findings, Lidl said the Which! survey does not represent the store’s full product range with only a ‘small sample’ [of 27 products] used. 
A spokesman for the supermarket said: 
“We are in the process of conducting a comprehensive review of our entire packaging footprint, and estimate that the vast majority of our packaging is widely recyclable under the industry standard OPRL (On Pack Recycling Labelling) scheme.”
See the full Which! study
Table of Which!f results:

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