40 per cent of adults do not exercise enough, survey finds

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7th February 2017 15:08 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

40 per cent of adults do not exercise enough, survey finds: According to a recent sports survey in physical activity in England, conducted by Sport England, 40 per cent of adults do not do enough exercise.40 per cent of adults do not exercise enough, survey finds

Entitled Active Lives, and the largest survey of its kind in Europe, the research replaces the Active People survey which monitored sports participation from 2005, when London won its bid to host the Olympic Games, until 2016.

The Active Lives survey is a more detailed measure of physical fitness and it’s aligned closely with the UK government’s efforts to combat problems such as increasing levels of obesity and diabetes. As a result, the government now places less of a focus on organised sport provided by national governing bodies, and places an emphasis of general physical activity, such walking, cycling and dancing.

However, regardless of the government’s efforts to increase physical activity levels, 11.3 million adults (or 1 in 4) do less than 30 minutes of moderate level exercise per week. A further 6.1million do less than the recommended 150 minutes (2.5 hours) per week.

It is thought that doing little exercise, and the health risks that come with physical inactivity, are a bigger problem amongst those in lower socio-economic groups, as well as the disabled and the elderly.

Sport England have also discovered that males are more likely than women to be active, although, this gap has now closed slightly with Sport England now measuring less traditional forms of exercise, for instance walking and dancing.

When looking at which sports are most popular, running is still the leaders, with 6.9 million adults running for at least 30 minutes, 2 times every 28 days. Closely following running was cycling, with 6.6 million people fitting the same criteria, and fitness classes, with 6.3 million.

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