52% of women watch sports monthly in the UK, finds survey

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17th January 2022 11:03 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

52% of women watch sports monthly in the UK: The 2021 Global Sports Survey has indicated that nearly 50% of women watch sports monthly in the US, UK and Germany. This figure increases to nearly 70% in Latin America and Asia.

The survey was conducted by Altman Solon in August and September 2021, polling over 18,000 respondents spanning 16 countries across North America, Europe, Latin American and Asia.

When asked about their favourite sports leagues and competitions, roughly 50% of females selected the Olympic Games and both men’s and women’s World Cups. Similarly, 50% of women selected the English Premier League (EPL) as their favourite league, making it the most-watched league, with LaLiga (12%), NFL (12%), and Bundesliga (10%) watched far less frequently. 

The survey also revealed that the popularity of women’s sports has experienced significant growth in recent years. One example was the 2021 Women’s Super league (WSL) match, which resulted in more than 1.3 million views on BBC television with Chelsea FC achieving a 3-0 victory against Arsenal.

Altman Solon further stated that the WSL has the potential of becoming a model for women’s leagues globally. As of early 2021, a three-year £21 million deal was made between the Football Association, Sky Sports and BBC for the rights to broadcast English WSL matches. This deal marks a milestone for the first time selling the WSL separately from the men’s game.

Additionally, the survey revealed that female athletes have high levels of popularity internationally. Serena Williams was the most popular athelte cited, with 38% of global sports fans, followed by Naomi Osaka, Alex Morgan, and Megan Rapinoe with 20-25% of global sports fans.

Altman Solon, a consulting firm specialising in telecommunications, media, and technology concludes that the interest in women’s sports will continue to grow, as well as the female fan base, creating opportunity for firms to benefit from the growing female fans with tailored products/services.

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