69% of people with long-term health issues would like to be more active, reveals survey

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11th September 2019 10:33 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

69% of people with long-term health issues would like to be more active: Research for Sport England has revealed that almost seven out of ten people surveyed who are managing a long-term health condition, would like to be more active.

Two-thirds also said that partaking in more physical activity would help them to manage their health condition, with just 24% having concerns that it would make their condition worse. 
The research, shared by Sport England as part of its We are Undefeatable campaign coverage surveyed 1,000 adults and found that more than half of the respondents (52%) believed they would see improved mood and wellbeing as a result of increasing their activity levels, which they anticipated would be the largest benefit. 
Asked about the barriers to increasing their physical activity, respondents revealed some interesting insight with more than a third (36%) saying that a lack of energy prevented them from doing more when it comes to upping the amount of daily activity they undertake. 
Another concern cited by two fifths of respondents was that the pain or discomfort experienced due to their illness or condition prevented them from doing more physical activity, while 28% said that they found it difficult to commit to a routine because their condition could be unpredictable. 
The research also suggested that people would like to know more about how they can increase their physical activity and lead a more active life, with 44% saying they would be open to more help and advice.

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