71% of women do not fully follow their fitness regime during menstruation, reveals survey

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26th February 2021 12:01 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

71% of women do not fully follow their fitness regime during menstruation: A survey of women has found that seven out of 10 do not do as much exercise, or do not do any at all, during their period. 

The survey, conducted in February 2021 for period care brand, Yoppie, polled 1,803 UK women aged 18-51. It found that while almost two-fifths (39%) reduce the amount of exercise they do due to their monthly cycle, almost a third (32%) said they are unable to do any fitness activity at all. 

Asked about the reasons for doing less or no exercise during their period, pains and cramps were the reason for more than half the women polled. While almost a third said pain and cramps were the reason why they could only exercise ‘sometimes’, a quarter (25%) said they were the cause of them being unable to work out at all.

In addition to reductions in the amount of exercise and fitness, the survey found that for many women, their diet is not as well-balanced during this time, with 57% saying they make more poor food and drink choices when they have their period. 

More than two-fifths of the women surveyed (42%) said they crave junk food, 1% said they drink more alcohol, while 14% said they crave both. 

When asked how they can best stay motivated to exercise during menstruation, 38% said ‘positive thinking’ is the best remedy, while 16% said they offer themselves ‘a reward’. Slightly fewer (14%) said they look for a ‘goal’ to achieve, while 12% use a supplement to help ease any pain or cramps. One in five (20%) said that they force themselves to exercise 'no matter what' through any discomfort.

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