Around one quarter of adults engage in moderate exercise, survey says

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27th September 2017 16:31 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Around one quarter of adults engage in moderate exercise, survey says: According to a recent ComRes survey, out of 2,004 British adults, 64 per cent said they spend most of their time sitting down for at least six hours a day, whereas only 27 per cent said they spend – on average – more than 2.5 hours a week doing moderate exercise.

Additionally, 12 per cent said they were aware of the NHS recommended physical activity guidelines, however 70 per cent said they are unable to exercise due to several reasons regarding self-esteem, work vs lifestyle and health.Around one quarter of adults engage in moderate exercise, survey says

In the survey, respondents were also asked:

“In an average day, how much time do you spend doing each of the following?” 

In response to this, people said they spent 3+ hours a day…

·       Sitting down relaxing - such as watching               TV/engaging in social media/reading (70%);

·       Sitting down at work (33%);

·       Sitting down for either a meal/the cinema/theatre (17%);

·       Sitting down during their commute (3%);

·       Sitting on the toilet (2%).


According to another survey from the NHS Digital Health Survey for England (2016), out of 8,034 adults, 41 per cent of men were overweight, compared to 31 per cent of women.    

Furthermore, their 2017 report (titled: Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet) also recorded that 525,000 admissions were made to England’s NHS hospitals where obesity was classified as a factor. Also, 6,438 Finished Consultant Episodes had a primary diagnosis of obesity, following a procedure resulting in bariatric surgery – common types of surgery can include gastric band/bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and intra-gastric balloon.   

These results indicate that two fifths of men and almost one third of women are classified as overweight, yet there is a high percentage of UK adults who are unaware of how much exercise they should be doing. This introduces the possibility that many UK adults may be unaware of the serious consequences of being inactive.

Chief Knowledge Office to NHS, Professor Sir Muir Gray, said: “Physical inactivity is society's silent killer and even short bouts of being sedentary can lead to deadly diseases.”

He adds: "People often think exercise is only for young people, but older adults are the people who stand to gain most from the mental, social and physical benefits of being active."

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