August 1st is the date parents reach ‘breaking point’ with their children

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4th August 2015 12:44 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A recent survey has revealed that August 1st is the point in the summer holidays where parents reach ‘breaking point’ with their children, as August 1st is the date parents reach ‘breaking point’ with their childrenkeeping children entertained is often exhausting, expensive and daunting.

The findings revealed that 50 per cent of parents in Britain were likely to have had enough with their children on August 1st, with more than half of planned summer holiday budget being spent.

Of the respondents, 75 per cent said that the summer holiday activity budget ran out after an average of 28 days.

Just 6 per cent said that they were able to fill the entire summer holidays with entertaining activities.

When asked which words they would associate with the summer break, 39 per cent picked ‘hard work’, 34 per cent picked ‘rewarding’ , 32 per cent chose ‘tiring’ and 31 per cent chose ‘exhausting’.

On the other hand, 28 per cent of the respondents associated the summer holidays with the word ‘relaxing’, a further 28 per cent chose ‘fun-packed’ and 14 per cent even described them as ‘amazing’.

However, the majority of parents in the survey revealed that they look forward to the summer holidays, as it is a chance to spend quality time with their children, although, 40 per cent described the break as ‘hard work’.

Conducted on behalf of Family and Friends Railcard, the survey of 1,500 parents of school children, discovered that more than 50 per cent of families have an activity plan in place by the time the summer holidays come around.

Despite many parents having ‘had enough’ by August 1st, 1 in 6 admitted to enjoying the school holidays because it means that they do not have to do the school run every day, with many parents saying that mornings were far less stressful during the school holidays.

As well as this, 10 per cent said that they enjoy the summer holidays because they can have a lie-in, rather than have to get up and get their children ready for school.

Andrew Robertson, speaking on behalf of Family and Friends Railcard, said of the findings:

"The school holidays are a fantastic time for families to spend quality time together, but all too often, whether through lack of ideas or available funds, parents can be left wondering what to do with the kids to keep them entertained over the summer break.

"Our latest research shows that this tends to happen very early into the holidays, with the majority of parents running out of things to do to amuse the kids three weeks into the holiday."

Of the participants in the survey, 45 per cent said that they look forward to their children going back to school in September.

5 per cent of the respondents said that their other half didn’t take time off work this year to help look after the children because they would prefer to be at work, leaving 37 per cent to rely of the help of the children’s grandparents for childcare.

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