BBC Survey Reveals Football Matchday Price Differences

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22nd June 2012 14:10 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A BBC survey has measured the varying costs that football clubs charge on matchdays. The Premier League meanwhile has defended the contrasting prices by saying that clubs try to pitch fees at different levels for fans with different budgets.

The study found that Arsenal charges the highest fees, with single tickets reaching £100, and the priciest pies at £4. Their cheapest ticket however is £35, which is less than Liverpool at £39.

Blackburn was revealed as the lowest possible outlay for a matchday - their cheapest possible adult ticket, a programme, a pie and a cup of tea costs just £17.50, compared to £46.95 for the same at Liverpool.

On average, Inverness was among the cheapest possible days out at £21.90, with Hibernian the most expensive at £29.20, followed by Rangers (£29) and Celtic (£28.50).

Head of Communications at the Football League, John Nagle, said they sent families as 'mystery shoppers' to every single club to test the matchday experience, and that growing attendances show the majority of fans are happy with prevailing prices..

Nevertheless, Football Supporters' Federation Chairman Malcolm Clarke said clubs must work harder to ensure ordinary fans are not priced out of games.

He commented: "It's important that football continues to be attractive to the whole cross-section of society, so it doesn't just become something only middle-class and upper-class families can afford."

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