BBC survey finds Olympics are dampened by doping scandals

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27th July 2016 11:39 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

BBC survey finds Olympics are dampened by doping scandals: A recent sporting survey, which was conducted on behalf of the BBC World Service, has revealed that doping scandals have resulted in the public becoming less interested in the Olympic Games.BBC survey finds Olympics are dampened by doping scandals

The BBC survey questioned approximately 19,000 individuals from 19 countries to discover that 57 per cent believe that doping scandals have had either “a lot” or “some” negative effects on the amount of attention they will give to the Olympics.

The researchers discovered that the respondents from Germany and the host nation, Brazil, were the demographic least affected.

Of the respondents, 62 per cent said that their own country’s performance in the games has either “a lot” or “some” effect on national patriotism. This was found be the case especially in countries in emerging economies, such as Kenya, Indonesia, Peru, Russia and India. On the other hand, the nations who’s national pride was least affected by their county’s success in the Games were the US, Brazil, Germany and France.

WADA (The World Anti-Doping Agency) recently launched an investigation which revealed that Russia has been operating a state-sponsored doping programme across the vast majority of winter and summer Olympic sports. Following the investigation, WADA criticised the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for declining its recommendation to ban Russia from the Rio Olympics.

Of the 19 countries in the survey, the majority of individuals in 13 of the nations said that the use of doping would have a negative effect on their level of interest surrounding the Olympic Games.

According to the research, those in Peru, South Korea, France and Australia were found to be the most likely to lose interest in the Olympics as a result of doping allegations. On the other hand, just 36 per cent of Brazilians and 35 per cent of Germans said that they would be put off the Olympics by doping scandals.

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