Bike sales nearly doubled over last 12 months due to lockdown restrictions, reveals survey

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22nd April 2021 14:59 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Bike sales nearly doubled over last 12 months due to lockdown restrictions: In the year since March 2020, bike sales have increased by 193%, according to a recent poll, with more people taking to cycling during lockdown.

The survey of 2,000 Brits was conducted by Halfords, aiming to uncover the reasons behind such a big swing in the sport’s popularity.

When asked about reasons for purchasing a bike, 58% of those surveyed said they saw it as a way of keeping fit, with one in three stating that cycling had replaced going to the gym or fitness classes. Around a third (32%) said they like the opportunity to ride on quieter roads and almost half stated they bought a bike to spend more time outdoors with friends and family.

Two in five Brits said they have cycled more in the last 12 months, with the average distance being eight miles per ride. Three in 10 (30%) stated they cycle between 6 and 10 miles; 21% between 11 and 20 miles, with just 5% saying they cycle more than 21 miles each time they go out on their bike.

When questioned about what would encourage them to cycle more, two-fifths (41%) stated the need for better infrastructure, with one in three saying they would like more places to park and lock their bikes.

While 41% of those surveyed said they bought a bike to have fun, it was found that 43% of key workers used a bike to get to work during the pandemic. Furthermore, 12% said they wouldn’t feel safe getting to work without their bike.

Types of bikes sold

Most bikes sold were mountain bikes (43%), however E-bikes were also popular, with one in every four bikes sold being an E-bike. When asked to give reasoning for this decision, two-thirds of E-bike buyers said they were more useful for longer journeys than a mechanical bike. Nearly half the respondents polled (46%) reported that they wanted to feel fresh for work, with 37% saying an injury had prevented them from riding a mechanical bike.

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