Britain Tops Monocle Magazine 'Soft Power' Survey

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21st November 2012 15:24 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Britain has been voted the most powerful nation on Earth by the magazine Monocle, with major help coming from the likes of Andy Murray, Bradley Wiggins, James Bond and the Queen. 

The term 'soft power' comes from Harvard academic Joseph Nye, who in 1990 used it to describe methods with which a nation can help shape the world without using overwhelming force or financial muscle. 

The magazine used a range of different factors to determine the results of the survey, ranging from sport, education, culture and business, and even accounting for the architecture of the country and the quality of their cuisine. 

The honour comes at the end of an unforgettable 2012 for Britain, which saw people across the country celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee and take great pride in hosting the Olympic Games. Huge sporting success for Bradley Wiggins and Andy Murray, along with unprecedented success for the latest James Bond film 'Skyfall', also contributed heavily. 

British music also remained popular across the globe, with 22 albums claiming the number one spot in foreign countries. 

This is the first time that Britain has won the award, and in doing so have dethroned the USA. 

Monocle's editor-in-chief, Tyler Brule, said: "There's been a fantastic momentum in Britain this year. This is a good example of where you can't deny the Olympics were very important, from a global promoting point of view. People even felt good about the Union Jack." 

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