Cutting back on holidays was top answer given by UK parents who are trying to adjust to rising cost of living, according to poll

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17th March 2022 12:50 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Cutting back on holidays was top answer given by UK parents who are trying to adjust to rising cost of living: A survey of UK parents has shed light on the ways people are trying to navigate the cost of living crisis, with forsaking a family holiday this year the number one answer given.

The survey of 2,015 UK parents conducted by mobile phone provider, Swycha, revealed that after not taking a holiday this year, parents are cutting back on heating, electricity, or water, in repsonse to skyrocketting costs.

Ranking third, when asked about the most common cutbacks UK households are making, food shopping was mentioned, with families reporting switching supermarkets, changing the brands they use, or no longer buying organic produce.

This was followed by parents no longer buying clothes for themselves; cutting back on fuel by limiting their use of their car or taking public transport; and stopping ordering takeaways or having meals out.

Other cutbacks households have made include cancelling subscriptions such as Disney+ and Spotify, as well as parents stopping their own personal hobbies. Parents have also cancelled plans to do any home improvements or have put plans to buy a new house on hold.

Greatest financial worries for parents

Asked what their greatest worries are at the moment, the research found that rising energy costs were the top concern (70%), followed by rising food prices (64%), rising fuel costs (58%), and finding additional funds to give their child pocket money or enjoy nice activities (42%). In fifth place was affording their child’s birthday or Christmas’s (42%), followed by finding money for school costs such as buying uniforms, lunches or affording sports clubs (33%). Affording direct debits such as phone contracts were also a worry for parents (31%) as was finding money to pay for their own hobbies and leisure time (25%), and paying for National Insurance contributions (15%). 

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