Double the amount of female English football fans have experienced unwanted physical attention at a match since 2014 reveals survey

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2nd December 2021 18:18 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Double the amount of female English football fans have experience unwanted physical attention at a match since 2014: A recent survey by the Football Supporters' Association (FSA) has revealed that one in five women have experienced unwanted physical attention at men’s football matches, double the amount reported during the corresponding 2014 survey.
The study polled 2,000 football supporters, with the aim of exposing and preventing sexism at football matches in the UK. The survey also uncovered that three-quarters of those at women’s football matches have never experienced sexist chants or unwanted physical attention.
When asked about the type of sexism they had experienced at football matches, 44% said they had been told they ‘know a lot for a girl’, with a further 34% stating they had 'heard sexist comments'. In addition, a quarter said they had heard sexist chants and that women ‘only go to the games because they fancy the players'.
The participants were also asked how it makes them feel when they experience sexism at a game, with almost half saying they feel angry. Furthermore, 38% say they feel embarrassed for the person who said it; 24% found it upsetting and one in 20 said it makes them not want to go again.
However, 15% said the sexism they hear at football matches doesn’t bother them, with a further 12% saying they just laugh it off; half of the figure from 2014 who said the same.
The study also looked at ways of possibly preventing sexism at football matches, with almost six in 10 saying they believe clubs should condemn those who exhibit sexist behaviour. In addition, 39% said they would like to see sexist individuals ejected from the stadium.
Ally Simcock, Port Vale and FSA board member, said: “I've been going to men's football for a long time now and have heard my share of sexist comments, but a lot has changed recently. Things like the #MeToo movement have helped change people's perceptions about what they're willing to put up with, and what is or isn't acceptable.”

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