Football’s cheapest tickets have risen by 13% since 2011, research finds

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15th October 2014 11:40 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

It seems that protests of football fans, surrounding the rising cost of the game, have gone unnoticed as the average price of the cheapest tickets in England has risen by 13% since 2011. The research, which started in 2011, also revealed that the average cheapest ticket prices have risen at almost double the rate of the cost of living.

The BBC’s annual Price of Football survey revealed that the Premier League’s cheapest tickets have inflated in cost by 15.8% since 2011.

During a time when away fans have been put under mounting strain to pay higher amounts for tickets, the results compiled, from the first year of the survey, shows that the cheapest tickets have climbed to £21.49 from £20.58. This is more than three times faster than the rate of inflation which currently stands at 1.2%.

The survey reviewed the cheapest tickets available for each football club in the Football League. Of these, the most expensive was Chelsea who charge £50 for an individual ticket. Arsenal’s Emirates stadium was found to be selling the most expensive ticket overall (£1,014). This tops the prices at 17 other of the top flight clubs with the only omissions being Tottenham Hotspur at £1,895 and Chelsea at £1,250.

Despite the current inflation within the cost of football, the shareholders of Arsenal are planning to address the issue at their yearly meeting about ticket prices. This is due to their tickets being the most expensive in the country consistently.

Manchester City has been found to have the cheapest season ticket in the Premier League at a price of £299. Across England’s top four divisions, Charlton Athletic has been found to have the cheapest season ticket at £150.

The lowest priced match day ticket belongs to Sheffield Wednesday and Derby County at just £10.

The research also accounted for football merchandise such as replica shirts, as well as refreshments.

The cheapest replica shirt in England is that of Hull (£39.99) whereas, the most expensive is that of Manchester United and Manchester City (£55).

Kidderminster Harriers have the most expensive pies at £4.50. These are the most expensive across both The Conference and The Premier League. 

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