Global Survey Finds UK Tourism Staff Dissatisfied

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12th March 2013 16:13 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism


A survey has been conducted by worldwide travel recruitment agency Progressive Personnel to investigate the level of job satisfaction among workers in the tourism and travel industry.

It was revealed that UK workers in this sector are among the least satisfied – 72% of the respondents considered themselves underpaid and 79.4% were keen to change their job. In addition, almost a third at 31.6% were looking to leave the tourism and travel industry entirely for a better future, compared to the worldwide average of 18%.

Nevertheless, employees in the UK were slightly more satisfied with their lot than staff polled in Asia, 83% of which reported wanting to change jobs. When it came to the desire to leave the tourism and travel industry however, less than 10% of Asian workers had this in mind.

Employers in the industry were also polled worldwide – the study found that this demographic had opinions which were markedly different from their employees, since 90% of believed their staff are fairly compensated with adequate pay.

Furthermore, 75% of tourism and travel industry employers claimed to be optimistic about the future since they intended to recruit more staff within the next three months, while less than half of employers had found the recession to be a negative impact on their recruitment plans.

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