Global Travel Survey Finds UK Holiday Rentals Ahead of the Curve

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3rd October 2012 20:34 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

According to the latest study by website, Gloucestershire and Somerset are some of the top places in the world for holiday rental accommodation.

The survey asked global travellers to rate 275,000 international holiday rental properties, with the top rating possible being five. 

UK properties in general fared well by exceeding the average global score for holiday rental accommodation of 4.57, meanwhile the average score in Britain is 4.71. Gloucestershire and Somerset achieved an impressive 4.8 rating.

East Anglia came in a close second at 4.79, followed by East Sussex (4.77), Cornwall and Kent (4.76), Edinburgh (4.75), Devon and Yorkshire (4.74), Dorset and the Scottish Highlands (4.70), Cumbria (4.58) and finally London (4.46). spokesman, Laurel Greatrix, commented on the results: "This shows that the UK holiday rentals industry is ahead of the curve. It seems property owners here go the extra mile to please their guests and this has evidently paid off, with each of these holiday rental hotspots scoring no less than 4.46 points."

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