Globe Trotters Vote Japanese Food Third Most Popular Cuisine

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31st July 2012 13:24 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A survey of more than 27,000 frequent travellers by has found that Japanese food is gaining in favour internationally amongst cosmopolitan palates.

Although globe trotters still rate Italian (32%) and French (24%) cuisine as top, this is now closely followed by Japanese fare (18%).

Favourite dishes from ‘The Land of The Rising Sun’ when it comes to fine dining include Sushi, Tempura (deep fried assortments in a dipping sauce), Ramen (a thin noodle) and Soba (a wheat pancake). Other traditional menu options which are creeping up the scale of global popularity are Japanese curry and Okonomiyaki (a type of hotpot casserole).

Alison Couper from commented: "Japanese food is seen as great example of healthy eating and there are a variety of Japanese restaurants in every multicultural capital. I'm a big fan of Japanese and not surprised at its elevated ranking. The fact that it beat more traditional holiday dishes such as Tapas and Burritos is testament to the world class reputation of Japanese chefs."

The traveller vote of Japanese food in third place was followed by Chinese cuisine (13%), Spain (11%) for their paella and tapas, then the US in fifth position for lovers of burgers and fries.

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