Half of non-gym users find the idea of going to one ‘scary’, according to poll

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18th September 2019 12:15 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Half of non-gym users find the idea of going to one ‘scary’: Half the people polled in a recent survey, revealed that the thought of visiying the gym by themselves was 'scary'. And for a fifth of them, the thought was even more than just ‘scary’ - it was ‘very scary’. 

The poll conducted for Pure Gym, sought to find out some of the reasons why people experience anxiety when it comes to visiting the gym - and which aspects in particular, make them feel fearful. Four in ten said that not knowing what to do in front of other people scares them, with almost half (48%) saying they would be too embarrassed to ask another gym goer for help and 44% feeling unable to ask a member of staff for assistance should they need it. 

Using the equipment was also a worry for many non-gym members with 44% saying they did not know how to activate the treadmill, while almost two thirds (64%) said they were unsure about how heavy the weights they use should be. 

Asked about how they would feel if they were surrounded by people who were in  better shape than themselves at the gym, 45% of women said it would make them feel nervous, compared to 29% of men surveyed. 

When it comes to the various pieces of equipment in the gym, the poll found some were found to be more intimidating than others. Almost a third (32%) said the squat rack was the most daunting piece of gym equipment  followed by the pull up machine and then the bench press. In fourth place were battle ropes, followed by the cable press and the leg press machine. 

The poll also found that gym fear was even more terrifying than spiders or needles for some respondents. One in four polled said they would rather have an injection than go to the gym, while the same number said that they would prefer to be alone in a room with a spider. 

Thee out of ten millennials said they would choose to live without their phone for a day instead of going to the gym by themselves, while a quarter of women polled said going on a rollercoaster would be a preferable option.

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