Large Numbers of Britons Planning to Be Absent from UK During Olympics

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2nd April 2012 16:10 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

According to a new survey by foreign exchange company Travelex, 10 million Britons have made plans to avoid the upcoming London Olympics 2012 – which starts on July 27 and ends on August 12.

This equates to more than a quarter of the UK population making the ‘Great Olympic Getaway’ abroad, and a further 10% of holidaymakers claim they have rebooked their foreign holiday dates to ensure they will be safely out of the country when the Games begin.

Travelex also predicts that 4 million Britons will be going abroad in the five days leading up to Olympics.

Nearly two thirds of those planning to abscond from the UK said they were heading to Europe, with Spain the most popular destination.

Bridget Keevil of Travel Stop commented: “We have had customers who just want to get away from it all while the Olympics are on. We have seen a definite rise in inquiries and bookings for that period – some people have said they want to get as far away as possible, even to places like Vietnam and Thailand.”

People living in and around London, Weymouth and Windsor are the most likely to flee, while those in Northern Ireland and Wales are the least likely.

The most popular reasons for this exodus was found to be Britons wanting to escape the surge of crowds and blanket television coverage, as well as people saying they are simply not keen on sport.

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