London is the most popular destination for a New Year getaway, TripAdvisor survey finds

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25th November 2014 15:16 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

According to a recent TripAdvisor survey, the most popular destination for a New Year getaway is London.

On average, the price for one night on New Year’s Eve is £160.50, just 5 per cent more expensive than the 2014 average.

However, the second most popular destination for a New Year getaway is Edinburgh, which averages at £149.28 on New Year’s Eve. Although cheaper than London, this is 20 per cent higher than prices during the rest of the year.

With 32 per cent inflation, Blackpool’s New Year’s Eve hotel prices average at £105.71 for the night.

Number 3 of the top ten destinations is New York. New Year’s Eve hotel prices in New York are the highest of the list, with an average of £255.46, 18% higher than the rest of the year.

However, the highest inflation of prices for New Year’s Eve 2014 is that of Dubai. Spending the night in a Dubai hotel on 31st December will be 60% higher than normal at an average rate of £164.39.

Top New Year’s Eve destinations for Brits

1. London

2. Edinburgh

3. New York

4. Amsterdam

5. Paris

6. Dubai

7. Blackpool

8. Berlin

9. Sydney

10. Sharm el Sheik

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